About The Cane
It is my goal to provide custom cane solutions for Baroque and Classical oboe reeds. All of the cane is selected and prepared by hand to maintain the highest quality and is gouged to meet your specifications.

Current Cane Options:
Alliaud: The most popular variety of cane in the shop, this cane is of medium hardness.
Diameters availabile: 14–14.5 ($2.75 ea.), 15–15.5, 15.5–16 ($2.85 ea.)

Golden Bamboo: From Anhui provence in China, this cane is medium to medium-soft.
Diameters available: 14–14.5, 15–15.5, 15.5–16 ($2.75 ea.)

Marion: From Grimaud, France. This cane is medium to medium-hard and similar to Alliaud but more dense.
Diameters available: 14–14.5 ($2.85 / ea.)

Neuranter: The cane has a beautiful, golden exterior and scrapes very smoothly. Medium hardness.
Diameters available: 14–14.5, 15–15.5, 15.5–16 ($2.75 ea.)

Shaped Cane (shape options) available for an additional $.75 per piece.